Our intimate knowledge of ballistic composites gives our company a distinct advantage in the armor development process. All of our component materials are made in the United States and feature some of the most advanced manufacturing technology in the world. Armor Technology once developed exclusively for the Military is now available for Law Enforcement and Civilians. 

Honeywell Exclusive Partnership

DFNDR Armor works closely with Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies, leveraging their advanced fiber-based composites exclusively in our armor systems.

Honeywell Composites

Expert Engineering.

DFNDR products leverage one of the strongest synthetic materials ever created, an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber-based composite.  But not all UHMWPE based composites are the same.

Because of its breakthrough molecular structure and superior mole weight, our materials feature performance characteristics of higher durability at lower weights that were ever thought possible.

These same materials are being leveraged in our research and development of next-generation body armor systems for the U.S. military and for future armor systems yet to be released.

Our body armor is made even stronger by the meticulous production processes they undergo.  By strategically integrating the various components of our solutions, we create a structure that is much stronger, more durable and renders superior ballistic properties compared to any other system in its class.