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The velocity of a rifle bullet can exceed 3000 FPS

Incredibly fast.

Incredibly deadly.

That’s why we developed

The most advanced armor system in the world.

We’ve deployed leading-edge innovation in material science and micro-technology to confront the latest in ballistic threats.

The result is an advanced threat-stopping system built from the inside out.

Let’s begin by going inside the strike core of a ceramic-based system.

Crystalline ceramic strike face

On the front line of the system is a low-density high-hardness ceramic. This unique material is responsible for breaking up the bullet core, reducing it to multiple fragments with highly reduced energy.

System structural reinforcement

Each side of the Strike Core is reinforced with a high tensile strength layer of woven synthetic fabric enhanced with a resin matrix. This enhances the properties of the armor and helps maintain structural integrity through the most strenuous situations.

Engineered for multi-hit ability

The ceramic core maintains its integrity after a strike and can support multiple impacts, keeping you on your feet at the most critical moments.

Aerospace adhesive layer

Holding the System together is an aerospace-grade adhesive that maintains a strong bond of components throughout and increases projectile dwell time. The adhesive elasticity plays a critical part in slowing down the threat and rebounding the energy impact.

Fiber-Lite Laminate

Layered behind the strike core is a fiber-based composite laminate of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) from Honeywell. This unique cross-plied uni-directional composite is 10x stronger than steel and 10x lighter-weight. It’s designed to capture remaining frags and distribute the impact energy, maximizing overall energy dispersion away from the body.

Trauma Mitigation Base

This ultra-lightweight layer rests closest to the body and absorbs the remaining impact. It also provides ergonomics and comfort while wearing.


The outer covering to our armor is made from a chemically resistant, long-aging material that reduces spall blowout and fragmentation upon impact.

It’s not just a simple wrapper, but a heat-fused system that is stable against UV degradation, protecting internal components from harsh environmental conditions.


Each product runs through a series of protocols and inspection criteria prior to being approved for delivery. You can find the unique product inspection number on the back of each armor plate along with the model number and protective strength.


Our products are iteratively designed and evaluated at our private lab and subsequently tested at certified, independent testing facilities. Our designs are also rigorously evaluated by various branches of the military and law enforcement.

Find Your Armor

We have a variety of armor types that are designed to stop specific threat levels. Browse our catalog and find the right fit for you and your needs.

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A Complete System

Decades of science and testing have gone into our system with a core focus of higher-level protection at lower weights. The results yield maximum defense with less fatigue by the user.

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Law Enforcement

First Responders

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More Mobility.

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