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  • Trust my life with these plates

    The engineering behind this armor is amazing. The [Next to nothing] weight makes its protective capabilities hard to comprehend however would and do trust my life to these plates everyday. Thank you for such an outstanding product!

  • Only plates I will use- highly recommend for LEO agents, Military and civilians

    I have the DFNDR Armor LVL IIIA Pistol plates that have a permanent place in my plate carrier until I am able to get your LVL III rifle plates. I show them to all my LEO and Military friends who are truly amazed at the weight and high quality of your product. Whenever I need to put my kit on I am 100% confident and feel extremely protected knowing that DFNDR Armor is protecting me. I spread the good word about DFNDR Armor whenever I get a chance because in my opinion every LEO agent or just everyday citizen that wants to be protected needs a set of your plates. I will NOT ever use another type of armor ever again. I will be forever a DFNDR Armor supporter.

  • Upgraded to Level IIIa for better protection and comfort- excellent choice

    I’ve been wearing my issued Level II soft armor for a while now, its hot, uncomfortable, and provides very little flexibility or range of motion considering it’s “soft armor”. I decided to upgrade to DFNDR Level IIIa 10×12 plates, and my god was it a great choice. The plates are ridiculously lightweight, (I honestly thought it was a prank when i pulled the plates out of the box) Also even though the plates are hard armor, they provide me with a much better range of motion and increased comfort over my soft armor. They are also much cooler than softer armor since they allow more air flow between your body and the armor. All in all…..10 out of 10 would recommend to anyone looking for increased protection and comfort.

  • Perfect size and weight

    Took these out on the range the other day, and people were blown away by how light these plates are. As soon as they saw these they were asking about DFNDR’s other products. Super lightweight, thin, and seem to be right on advertised SAPI size.

  • Highly Recommend

    Love these plates. Super lightweight, curved perfectly, and the envy of everybody at the ranges I have been visiting so far.

  • INCREDIBLE! Great fit. Very affordable for such high quality. Thank you!

    Big thanks to @dfndrarmor! I received a couple of these 3A handgun plates the other day. These are INCREDIBLE! The pre-formed curves are shaped perfectly and hug the body nicely. They are durable as hell and the fit and finish is flawless. At under 1 lb. each, I don’t believe you can find another plate of this quality in the price range these are in. Top shelf quality, every man affordability. I’ll be swapping out all my other armor groups real soon. Cheers boys!