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Level III++ Rifle Plates
Rifle Armor
Defeats M855/SS109 Green Tip (30-120 Day Lead)


5 Year Manufacturer Warranty




This plate has been tested at an NIJ complain laboratory in accordance with the NIJ 0101.04 Protocol. Proudly Made in America and developed to defeat the 5.56x45mm M855 / SS109 green tip threat. The DFNDR lightweight Level III++ rifle plate weights 4.1 lbs (M) and rated for multi-hit protection. This armor system has been DROP TESTED twice in accordance with NIJ 0101.04 testing and then shot with the rated ammunition listed in the threat profile below.

This system has the advanced grade Ceramic strike face used in our research and development of lightweight armor systems. Integrated with UHMWPE, an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene composite; which includes millions of fiber-based materials woven together in a uni-direction system.

Engineered with military grade ballistic materials, this is a rigid stand alone hard armor system which mitigates spall and deflection.

**This plate has been tested at an NIJ complain laboratory in accordance with the NIJ 0101.04 protocol Standard.**

Official testing data is available for law enforcement, first responders, and military.

Displayed are the special threats that our armor is tested to stop:

*Special Threat Tested

– 7.62×63 JSP
– 7.62×54 R-L
– 7.62x51mm Steel Jacket NATO M80
– 7.62x39mm MSC Russian
– 7.62x39mm MSC Chinese
– 7.62x39mm Ball
– 5.56x45mm M193
– 5.56×45 M855 / SS109

Lead Time Information:

*Due to US DoD Directives, certain raw materials have been completely allocated toward military programs, resulting in longer lead times for our III++ Plates. DFNDR Armor will never sacrifice quality for our customers. Please be patient with us as we anticipate these lead times to be back to normal within the coming weeks. Any III++ orders placed will be produced and delivered in the order they were received.

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2 reviews for Level III++ Rifle Plates
Rifle Armor
Defeats M855/SS109 Green Tip (30-120 Day Lead)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jesus R.

    On first glance the exterior coating of the plates is superb. Usually you see a rubber coating, plastic coating, a heat shrink fabric etc. DFNDR however impressed me on first look and feel by just how well the quality of the outside material was wrapped and secured. It was perfectly taunt onto the ballistic material and had a solid logo front and center. Once picking it up, weight was a solid 10/10. Finding protection comes at a cost, as well as a cost in weight as well. I feel DFNDR armor has the best protection and weight ratio on the market out of all the body armor systems I have personally tried. I cannot make a claim as to their protection as I have yet to be shot and hope to keep it that way. However, I trust DFNDR and NIJ standards to protect me should I ever need it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeremy L.

    I am a law enforcement officer on the west coast who purchased the armor to supplement the basic armor provided by my department.
    The armor I purchased from DFNDR has been totally worth it!
    In fact, the department I work for recently purchased us armor from another manufacturer; it is rated the same as DFNDR, but weighs more. So, I continue to use my DFNDR Level III++ plates!

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