Our armor comes with a 5 year warranty, and virtually maintenance free. We have engineered our products to extremely accurate specifications to give you confidence in your purchase for a long time. You can be assured that we are using the highest and most sophisticated technology available to create next generation armor systems.

We do not store our product. We make each product to order

Recommended Cleaning Procedures

Caution: Do not machine wash or dry. Failure to follow these instructions may degrade your plate performance against ballistic threats.

1. Remove loose dirt and lint from the outer surface of the plate using a cloth or soft bristle brush (never use a stiff bristle brush). Use a damp cloth if needed.

2. If further cleaning is required; apply mild detergent to the soiled areas and scrub with a cloth or soft bristle brush. Heavy grease/oil stains may be pre-spotted with a detergent mixture. Wipe the plate with a damp cloth.

For additional information, or to request a manufactures cleaning and inspection of your plate contact DFNDR Armor at america@dfndrarmor.com