Our Company

Our Mission

Our mission at DFNDR Armor is to engineer the most advanced lightweight body armor systems in the world. Quality is our #1 focus, giving you confidence when you need it most. We seek to keep you protected during life’s most challenging endeavors.

Our ballistic products are proudly
Made in America. Engineered in Southern California.

Company History

From the President of DFNDR Armor

Pioneering the next generation of armor required consideration of a multitude of competing factors. Weight. Bulk. Strength. Endurance. And most of all, Survivability.

Our solution is the result of years of experience designing and manufacturing hundreds of thousands of cutting-edge body armor units for the US Military.

In addition, our focus on product quality is reflected in our outstanding track record, as the only government supplier to never fail a test requirement.

Our technological breakthrough is built on the shoulders of a family legacy.

My father, a PhD in Nuclear Physics, developed the very first graphite tennis racket and graphite golf club. He was a consultant to NASA, one of the world’s leading experts on ballistic materials, and developed armor for the black hawk helicopter. My mother worked by his side, executing on his vision with the U.S. Department of Defense to save the lives of American war-fighters.

Today we continue my family’s legacy, marrying decades of expertise with modern technology and fresh perspective, and we accomplish it with one goal in mind: to keep you protected with complete confidence during life’s most challenging endeavors.

Through countless hours of scientific research, we leveraged our families history in armor development to deliver next-generation body armor solutions for law enforcement, military and for the first time ever American civilians.

We are devoted to keeping you protected with absolute confidence. Ballistic Body Armor that you can depend on.

David Fernandez
– CEO & Founder