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We understand that most officers have to purchase their own personal rifle body armor. We offer special pricing for individual officers and first responders, as well as outfitting an entire department. For your individual discounts, kindly fill out the form below OR email us at america@dfndrarmor.com and our team will support you with our law enforcement discount. On behalf of our team, thank you again for your service.

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The following reviewers own DFNDR Armor™ systems and have used the armor for many months before reviewing their plates. 


“I recently had the opportunity to test the DFNDR Model E-IIIPSALW Level III+ Stand Alone Rifle Plate. The first thing I noticed about this product compared to similar plates I have used in the past was its light weight. When I put it on the scale, it weighed two pounds, nine ounces.

After some research, I learned DFNDR Armor is designed using the highest grade of ballistic materials; an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber bound with a resin matrix, to make it a rigid hard standalone armor system. Although it doesn’t provide the same amount of protection as my current Level IV ceramic plate, the increase in mobility was more than worth the offset of protection, especially when you consider the DFNDR Level III+ plate is capable of defeating most popular rifle rounds.

I used this plate during an eight hour training day, doing the same types of drills that I have used with my ceramic plate and the difference was very noticeable. Not only was I able to train longer without being fatigued, I could move faster and jump into and out of positions faster than I can with the heavier plate. This plate was able to stop 5.56mm M193 FMJ ammunition, 7.62X39mm FMJ rounds and 7.62mm full metal jacket ammunition.

The most impressive part of the live fire test was the lack of spalling when it was hit with rifle rounds. There were no indications of bullet fragments ricocheting in any direction. As you know, spalling is a major concern when using other types of rifle armor. Overall I rate this as an excellent product. It allows you to be protected from most rifle threats, without reducing your maneuverability. Mobility equals survivability.”

California SWAT and Patrol Officer 

I currently have a set of level III+ rifle plates from DFNDR Armor.  I use it daily for work and I previously had steel plates in my carrier from another manufacturer.  Wearing DFNDR Armor is a night and day difference from my previous armor. 

The weight and comfort of the DFNDR Armor allow me to move easier and doesn’t cause any undue strain.  I have visited the factory and seen the production of the plates as well as a set after it had been tested.  I trust that this Armor will perform as advertised.  This armor is extremely comfortable and I highly recommend it to anyone, it is worth it!

SWAT Officer | Range Master | Instructor 

As a police officer and SWAT team member, I have been wearing body armor for over a decade.  I have been given a multitude of armor  through the years from metal to ceramic and have endured 16 plus hours of carrying it through many deployments.   In SWAT school we were required to wear our kits( gear) for 10 hours per day for 2 weeks.  The instructors told us that if we don’t pass out or quit from all vigorous training, with all our gear on, we would be ready for deployment at the end of the 2-week course.  Heavy, bulky armor has been the industry standard for many years and we settled because a product did not exist that would adequately protect us and be comfortable.  

Recently, I was introduced to DFNDR Armor.  Initially, I was skeptical that a piece of armor could be so light yet protect me from large projectiles.  The team at DFNDR Armor was gracious enough to sacrifice Level III and Level III plus plates for me to destroy.  After shooting 40 cal hollow points, 5.56 , .308  and  rifled 12 gauge slugs at these plates and seeing their amazing performance, I was unequivocally sold on their ability to stop multiple high caliber rounds.  

After putting the armor into my plate carrier and running them with all my gear, I was amazed how comfortable and sustainable these plates were.  The carrier was actually more comfortable to wear with the plates in then if I was to remove them all together.  The plates provided the needed rigidity for the proper mounting of my mag pouches and gear and more importantly, they were light as a feather.

The plates are so light you literally don’t know they are there.  I would trust these plates in any firefight and I have witnessed their performance and dependability up close.  An often forgotten point when purchasing state of the art products……customer service.  The team at DFNDR Armor stands by their products and are available when I needed them.  One word to describe their product……..AMAZING!

Prior LEO |  Prior USMC Infantry Squad Leader

Coming from both Law Enforcement and an Infantry background I have gained a perspective of both domestic and international problems. While as an LEO I only wore Level 3a soft armor, If DFNDR’s Level 3a hard armor plates would have been an option, I would have taken them over the soft armor. They are lighter and more friendly to movement in my opinion vs the soft armor with a front strike plate. From the Infantry standpoint; while doing patrols and other combat operations in Iraq and in the Philippines wearing nearly 15lbs of armor takes a

From the Infantry standpoint; while doing patrols and other combat operations in Iraq and in the Philippines wearing nearly 15lbs of armor takes a toll on your body. For those who know the armor is a small portion of the gear weight we carried during any operation. While I’m not a liberty at this time, DFNDR’s level 4 plates would have been a substantial weight reduction in armor. I wish I could have had them while deployed. Just remember, Ounces = Pounds, Pounds = Pain


“DFNDR Armor is known for manufacturing and selling advanced lightweight body armor to military, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide. They use Honeywell’s high grade fibers to create the strongest synthetic material known as Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). I was provided the Level III+ Rifle Plate for evaluation. The Level III+ Rifle Plate measured 10″ x 12”, shooters cut, weighed 2.5 lbs. and was 1.1 inch in thickness.

The rated protection of the rifle plate include most commonly used calibers including 5.56×45, 7.62×63 and 7.62×51 as well as rated bullet stops of velocities between 2750-3200 ft/s. Out of the box the construction and lightweight rifle plate boasted confidence in future use. I immediately inserted the rifle plate into my vest carrier with no issues. With the rifle plate in my vest I knew the next stop was to test functions on the range. During stationary shooting drills, I was able to provide marksman shots on target with no interference from the rifle plate due to the shooters cut. Next, I tested the ability to move and shoot by incorporating drills that focused on rapid movement while shooting.

The Level III+ Rifle Plate exceeded my expectations again by allowing range of motion movements and lightening the load of my previous rifle plate. Knowing that building clearing and holding in one position for lengths of time are standard in SWAT duties, I tested the ability to crouch and kneel for 35-45 minutes at a time with no complaints. I ended the range testing by performing prone shooting drills and had zero issues with the level III+ rifle plate compromising my shot or prone position. The DFNDR level III+ rifle plate would be a great addition to any operator’s call out vest carrier.”