Level IIIA

Stand Alone Handgun Armor

0.96 LBS (M) | Multi-Hit Rated

Threat Profile

Independently Tested by an NIJ Certified Laboratory



0.96 lbs

(size: 9.5×12.5)

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Trauma Reduction Technology

Reducing trauma from the energy of the bullet is a necessary factor to increase survivability. Trauma from the impact of a round can cause severe injury or even death. Our exclusive trauma inhibitor materials dramatically reduces an operator’s risk of impact based injuries.

Our research and development of advanced military solutions allow us to far exceed NIJ specifications for allowable tolerances of trauma to the human body. DFNDR Technology disperses the kinetic energy across the surface of our armor plate. Millions of strands of fiber respond to the impact of the projectile to divert energy away from your vitals.  All of our testing data averages 35%-50% below NIJ specs for back face deformation.

An impact into DFNDR Armor will allow you to continue fighting and respond to threats quicker. Reduce the weight of your gear, increase your physical stamina and give yourself the tactical advantage.


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