Frequently asked questions

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  • Who can purchase body armor?

    You can purchase body armor if you are at least 18 years of age, a US Citizen and purchasing body armor legally according to your state laws, province, or territory.  Please read our terms and policies by clicking here.

  • Order Fulfillment / Lead Times

    LEAD TIMES ON BODY ARMOR CAN VARY. Shipment can take 3-5 business days by UPS Ground Shipping.

    It is our intention to get you your order as soon as possible; if your item is ready to ship before the expected lead time, we will ship out the order immediately. If your purchase requires additional time to be produced or processed, we will notify you by email or phone.

    DFNDR Armor® has the right to change lead times as necessary to ensure 100% quality control in our manufacturing is met.


  • What is DFNDR Body Armor made of?

    DFNDR Armor® uses the most advanced ballistic composites in the world. Working with Honeywell Composites gives DFNDR Armor® a distinctive advantage, offering the highest performance body armor plates in the world.  The core of DFNDR Armor® is made with a is engineered with the highest grade of ballistic materials; Fiber-Lite Laminate, an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) bound with a resin matrix to make it a hard stand alone armor system and equipped with Spall-Tek to further reduce spall and deflection of projectile fragments. This material is being used in our development of next-generation body armor systems for the U.S. military. DFNDR Armor® Body Armor is equipped with a state of the art Trauma Mitigation Base to minimize the energy of an impact dramatically.

    Level IV Rifle Rated Body Armor incorporates Crystalline Ceramic Strike Face and a Strike Core supported by our proprietary System Structural Reinforcement technology.

  • Who uses DFNDR Armor Plates?

    Law Enforcement Officers and Police Departments. Military Personnele and Three Letter Agenecies. Civilians interested in personal protective equipment. Public and private security personnel.

    Students put the DFNDR Armor® plates in their backpacks in case of a high risk situation, providing them immediate body armor protection. Veterans that protect their community and want to be prepared in the event of a threat.

  • Is it legal to own body armor?

    Yes, it is legal to own body armor. Our body armor is available to citizens in all U.S. States except the state of Connecticut. If you are a resident of Connecticut you must be active Law Enforcement or Military and provide necessary credentials, or you will not be in accordance with the governing laws of your state.

    We sell to responsible Civilians, Law Enforcement Officers, and Military Personnel who are residents of the United States.

  • Multi-Hit Ability? Stab Resistant? Stand Alone System?

    DFNDR Armor® is tested to withstand a minimum of 2 rounds of the specified ammunition referenced. Our Armor designs are stand alone systems and always evaluated to withstand multiple impacts. In addition, our DFNDR Armor® system is stab resistant to blade threats.

  • Is DFNDR Armor® NIJ Certified? What Testing does DFNDR Armor undergo?

    The DFNDR Armor® Level III+ Rifle Plate is certificated to NIJ Level 0101.06, and all DFNDR Armor® Rifle Rated Armor Plates are independently tested to and compliant NIJ 0101.06 protocol. It’s essential to make sure that any armor design is independently tested or NIJ certified.  Our designs are evaluated at our private lab and subsequently tested at certified, private independent testing facilities.

  • What is a Level III+ or III++ Armor Rating?

    Level III+ and III++ armor is an independent industry classification for armor systems that are special threat tested to stop more severe munitions. These are special threats that the Level III typically does not stop. The NIJ does not certify to the classification of Level III+ and III++.  Threats defeated are located in our specification tables.

  • Will DFNDR Armor® work with your Carrier?

    DFNDR Armor® Plates will work with most carriers.  Our plate height and width dimensions are designed to meet standard specifications.

    Be aware that not all plate carriers are universal.  DFNDR Armor® is sized to standard SAPI specs.

  • Spall and Fragmentation

    DFNDR Armor® mitigates or eliminates spalling/fragmentation with the incorporation of our proprietary Spall-Tek material into our complete Armor System Profile. DFNDR Armor® is designed to trap the bullet in the armor, ensuring that any projectile remnants aren’t deflected in a direction that could injure you or a co-operator in a high threat situation.

  • What maintenance is required for the DFNDR Armor® system?

    We recommend that you keep the DFNDR Armor® plates away from extreme heat and prolonged exposure to rapid heat cycling. For cleaning instructions please click here, or contact us at (888) 206-1301.

  • What DFNDR Armor will fit my backpack?