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First Responders – Patrol Officers – SWAT – SRT
With the threats facing our security community in America and around the world, it is imperative that you are prepared from the most common ammunition on the streets.

We recommend two armor systems to law enforcement and first responders:
1) DFNDR Level III+ Rifle Plate
2) Level III++ Rifle Plate



This system is designed to be lightweight at 2.5 lbs, advanced protection from trauma, and defeats the most common rifle threats used today. The Level III+ armor system provides you greater protection then a standard Level III rifle plate. Our Level III+ system defeats the 7.62×51 Steel Jacket NATO M80, however, the 7.62×39 threat is much more commonly used by criminals.

Our system defeats not only the 7.62×39 Ball ammunition, but also the Mild Steel Core Chinese (MSC) and the PS Ball Russian variants. The PS Ball Russian variant is an old soviet surplus threat which was developed with a much harder steel core than the MSC. We recommend that your armor system be rated to defeat these rounds.
The III+ armor system also defeats multiple rounds of the 5.56x45mm M193. This bullet is smaller, lighter weight, but travelers at a much higher velocity. The muzzle velocity of the M193 is between 3150 and 3200 feet per second. All of our armor systems defeat these munitions at muzzle velocities.



For SWAT and SRT Teams that are consistently in high threat scenarios, you want to make sure that you are increasing your level of armor protection as well. It is very important to consider the most common threats facing your region especially if rounds like the M855 are being used.

The 5.56×45 M855 green tip round will be defeated by our level III++ rifle plate which weighs 4.1 lbs per plate (10×12). Green tip is some of the most commonly purchased rounds by civilians throughout the US; if this round is a concern and you are actively in law enforcement our level III++ or Level IV rifle plate should be what you consider for your personal protection.



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Honeywell Composites

DFNDR Armor Selects Honeywell Fiber

Orginal Artical: Click here to read this article directly on www.Honeywell.com


“DFNDR Armor Selects Honeywell Spectra Material for New Military and Law Enforcement Body Armor”


  • Honeywell’s Spectra® fiber to be used exclusively for R&D of next-generation body armor technology
  • DFNDR Armor to use Spectra Shield to manufacture one of today’s lightest, most high-protection lines of body armor plates

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J., July 27, 2016—Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that DFNDR Armor, a leading engineer of U.S.-made advanced body armor systems, is using Honeywell Spectra Shield® ballistic composite materials to create one of the lightest, most high-protection lines of body armor plates available today.

DFNDR Armor is also using Honeywell’s Spectra® fiber-based materials exclusively in all research and development of next-generation body armor technology for use by the U.S. military, law enforcement and civilians.

“Our research and development team is focused on creating state-of-the-art body armor. To that end, we exclusively use Honeywell Spectra because it allows us to meet our customer’s needs for protection, light weight and mobility,” said Dave Fernandez, CEO of DFNDR Armor. “There are increased levels of safety measures that are now being implemented to protect law enforcement officers and first responders, and our products feature breakthrough innovations that offer the best possible personal protection.”

As armed conflict escalates around the world, military and law enforcement are continually looking for body armor that provides full protection against high-energy threats such as rifles, while also being lightweight enough to reduce user fatigue compared with heavier plates made from steel or ceramic. The Spectra material used in the new armor is made with Advanced Dynamic Deflection technology, which redirects the energy of a projectile away from the body upon impact. When utilized in breast plates, Advanced Dynamic Deflection technology reduces the trauma on the body, allowing for faster recovery, improved mobility and increased survivability.

“Honeywell Spectra is consistently chosen by the most innovative companies in the U.S. armor industry for next-generation military and law enforcement use,” said Tim Swinger, business director for armor at Honeywell Packaging and Composites. “We are proud to collaborate with DFNDR Armor to provide the most advanced defense technology available.”

Spectra fiber is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene using a patented gel-spinning process. It has up to 60 percent greater strength than alternate aramid fiber and, pound for pound, it is 15 times stronger than steel but is light enough to float. Spectra fiber is used to create Spectra Shield, an advanced ballistic-resistant material. Spectra Shield technology is a patented Honeywell process designed to optimize the ballistic performance characteristics of Spectra as well as aramid fiber.

Spectra Shield and Gold Shield® products have been widely adopted and proven for the most advanced armor applications globally, from bullet-resistant vests, breast plates and helmets to combat vehicles and military aircraft—all which require lightweight solutions and superior performance.

Honeywell maintains an active Spectra fiber and ballistic materials research program focused on continuous improvement and development of high-performance materials. For more information about Spectra fiber, visitwww.honeywell-spectra.com.

# # #

Honeywell (www.honeywell.com) is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes, and industry; turbochargers; and performance materials. For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit www.honeywell.com/newsroom.

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Review: Level IIIA by The Daily Shooter

  • William, The DAILY SHOOTER, Independent Gun & Gear Reviewer

“This is a test of the DFNDR Armor Level IIIA Pistol rated plate. This is an amazing piece of life-saving technology. The amount of led this armor was able to stop is beyond impressive. After testing the armor myself, I trust DFNDR Armor with My Life.”

“This armor is an absolute game changer.  The plates I used to run weighed nearly 20lbs, front and back combined.  The DFNDR plates I used weigh a total of 5lbs front and back combined.  They provide level 3+ protection without feeling like your carrying an armored car on your chest.  The great thing about that is now I can carry more mags and gear without feeling over loaded.  I have expanded my load out significantly and still come in under my previous weight.  It does exactly what is says it does and more.  I’ve personally tested this armor and it completely surpassed expectations when it comes to the types of projectile stopped and the overwhelming number of strikes it can receive with a single pass through.  I would trust my life to this armor and would recommend it to anyone, professional or civilian who values there life.”

– William, Independent Gun & Gear Reviewer

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Part 2: The Daily Shooter Review

The Daily Shooter performed a 6 shot test of varies 5.56 and .223 ammunition in his previous review video. This video is a continuation of the review he posted recently on our DFNDR Armor level III+ plate. In this test video he will continue to put 5.56 XM193 rounds into the plate to see how well it holds up.

“This plate only weighs 2.5lbs and is rated up to 7.62×51, absolutely remarkable” – The Daily Shooter


About The Daily Shooter: Welcome to The Daily Shooter on YouTube. This is a place for Guns, Gear, Reviews, Politics and informational videos. Here like-minded people can get together and share ideas, stories and love of the 2nd Amendment. Videos are posted frequently and I do my best to respond to as many comments as possible so feel free to ask and join in on the conversation. Don’t forget to subscribe.  Thank you very much for your support!

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Firing 16 Rounds at DFNDR Level III+ plate

Shooting DFNDR Armor Level III+ Plate with

  • 6 rounds of 7.62x39mm from an AK47
  • 10 rounds of 9mm from a Barretta FS.
  • Against Ballistic Gel
  • No Penetration
  • Very Low BFD


Marine and shooting instructor Juan from Orange County Indoor Shooting Range was on point with 3-inch grouping! Fired 16 rounds into our Level 3+ Rifle Plate with No Penetration.

Shout out to Orange Country Indoor Shooting Range, check them out at http://ocindoorrange.com/


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Testing Level IIIA Plate against 5.7x28mm FN

Robert H. an NRA shooting instructor from Sarasota, Florida wanted to test the 5.7x28mm FN threat. Click here to get more educated on the  5.7×28 ammunition and the handgun it’s fired from.

Watch the video testing multiple rounds of 5.7x28mm FN against the DFNDR Armor Level IIIA stand-alone handgun plate. – Weighs less than 1lb.
– Multi-hit in small groupings
– No penetration
– Very low backface deformation.

Testing Video:
YouTube: https://youtu.be/9ANDO5DmnZg

Stay Safe,
DFNDR Armor Team

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Press Release Feb 22, 2016

DFNDR Armor Launches Next Generation Body Armor.

Technology once available only for Military is now available for Law Enforcement and Civilians.


Camarillo, CA, February 11, 2016 – For immediate release.

Announcing the launch of DFNDR Armor at the 2016 Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV. Military and Law Enforcement from across the country gathered at the Sands Expo in January to experience the newest cutting edge gear that supports our soldiers and officers in the field.


Through countless hours of scientific research, DFNDR has developed lightweight next generation body armor technology for military, law enforcement, and civilians. To combat the modern day threats facing our nation today, DFNDR Armor produces the highest quality of body armor plates available on the market (note: a ‘rifle plate’, is inserted into a tactical ‘carrier’; a carrier is used to hold armor, ammunition, weapons, and medical supplies). A breakthrough in research and development allows DFNDR to significantly reduce trauma caused to the body from the force of an impact; which will increase the survivability for our soldiers and police.


“We have one goal in mind, to keep you protected with complete confidence. Our intimate knowledge of ballistic composites gives us a distinct advantage in developing next generation armor protection.” – Dave Fernandez, DFNDR Armor – CEO & Founder



DFNDR’s newest product is the ‘Level III+ Rifle Plate’ which stops AK47 rounds; the 7.62x39mm MSC Russian & Chinese, as well as the 7.62x51mm NATO M80, and the 5.56x45mm M193. DFNDR also manufactures ballistic shields and panels for police departments and corporate headquarters throughout the country. All of our component materials are made in the United States, and are developed with the most advanced manufacturing technology available in the world.



DFNDR exclusively uses Honeywell material in research and development of next generation body armor technology for the U.S. military; leveraging one of the strongest synthetic materials ever created, an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber-based composite. Our technology is the result of years of experience designing and manufacturing hundreds of thousands of cutting-edge body armor units for the US Military.




About DFNDR Armor

Website: DFNDRArmor.com

Phone: 888-206-1301

Location: Camarillo, CA 93012

Our mission is to engineer the most advanced lightweight body armor systems in the world. Exceeding industry standards is a key focus of ours, giving you confidence when you need it most. Increasing the survivability of our soldiers and law enforcement, is the driving factor behind our research and development.


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DFNDR Armor is NIJ Certified

DFNDR Armor Level III+ Rifle Plates is NIJ Certified. 

It’s important to make sure that any armor design, especially if it is going against your body is NIJ certified; because it is tested to specifications that are above and beyond what any person could imagine an armor plate could go through. 

That includes environmental testing, weather-ramoter testing, the plate is dropped to make sure if it impacts a hard surface it doesn’t get damaged. Its dunked in water to make it will work if it is exposed to that type of element. 

It’s of course then tested to make sure it not only stops the threat but that the trauma is within certain tolerances, that your body and take the shot. A lot of armor systems are not NIJ certified, it’s important that you thoroughly understand the body armor system you are purchasing. For example, level IIIA plates and variants such as level III+ or level III++ are all independently certified because NIJ does not offer a certification for these.  

Developing DFNDR Armor:

A lot of development went into this plate. Even though DFNDR Armor is tested to NIJ standards, we go above and beyond to make sure we not only meet NIJ specifications but that we exceed NIJ specs.

For example, the maximum trauma that the NIJ certifies to is 44mm. DFNDR armor plate against a 7.62x51mm M80 was tested with results of under 30mm average for back deformation to the body.  This reduction is significant and the lightest weight system in the industry with that low of a trauma to the body. 

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FibrCor Technology using Honeywell Composites

FibrCor Technology is comprised of three main aspects:
1. Material
2. Process
3. Integration

The type of performance that DFNDR Armor has is next generation armor that has never been seen before. Starting off with the material; we use the most advanced ballistics composites in the world. Working with Honeywell Composites gives us a distinctive advantage to making the highest performance body armor plates you’ll ever wear. The core of DFNDR Armor is made with an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber-based composite. That includes millions of strands of Fiber bonded together with a resin matrix.

Next is the process, which a huge factor that makes DFNDR Armor so great. We meticulously monitor every single one of our processes to ensure that every single armor piece is made exactly same way. That is very important to ensure consistent test results in every DNFDR Armor plate.

It’s not just about the ballistic material, but also about the non-ballistic ancillary materials that support the entire system altogether. The whole system working synergistically with the complete integration is what makes DFNDR Armor the best available.

Visit www.DFNDRarmor.com to learn more.

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About Our Company & History

Dave Fernandez, CEO and Founder of DFNDR Armor has been developing armor for over a decade; for the US military and lightweight armor systems to protect our soldiers. “And I want to bring that technology, development, history, and experience to individuals like you that want to protect yourself from threats out there”.

DNFDR Armor is designed for today’s modern threats. In situations today with terrorism it is not just handgun threats that we need to be concerned with, it’s also rifle threats that we need to be prepared from.


Watch the Youtube video about DFNDR Armor and our company history by clicking here.


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