May 2016

Review: Level IIIA by The Daily Shooter

  • William, The DAILY SHOOTER, Independent Gun & Gear Reviewer

“This is a test of the DFNDR Armor Level IIIA Pistol rated plate. This is an amazing piece of life-saving technology. The amount of led this armor was able to stop is beyond impressive. After testing the armor myself, I trust DFNDR Armor with My Life.”

“This armor is an absolute game changer.  The plates I used to run weighed nearly 20lbs, front and back combined.  The DFNDR plates I used weigh a total of 5lbs front and back combined.  They provide level 3+ protection without feeling like your carrying an armored car on your chest.  The great thing about that is now I can carry more mags and gear without feeling over loaded.  I have expanded my load out significantly and still come in under my previous weight.  It does exactly what is says it does and more.  I’ve personally tested this armor and it completely surpassed expectations when it comes to the types of projectile stopped and the overwhelming number of strikes it can receive with a single pass through.  I would trust my life to this armor and would recommend it to anyone, professional or civilian who values there life.”

– William, Independent Gun & Gear Reviewer

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Part 2: The Daily Shooter Review

The Daily Shooter performed a 6 shot test of varies 5.56 and .223 ammunition in his previous review video. This video is a continuation of the review he posted recently on our DFNDR Armor level III+ plate. In this test video he will continue to put 5.56 XM193 rounds into the plate to see how well it holds up.

“This plate only weighs 2.5lbs and is rated up to 7.62×51, absolutely remarkable” – The Daily Shooter


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