February 2016

Press Release Feb 22, 2016

DFNDR Armor Launches Next Generation Body Armor.

Technology once available only for Military is now available for Law Enforcement and Civilians.


Camarillo, CA, February 11, 2016 – For immediate release.

Announcing the launch of DFNDR Armor at the 2016 Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV. Military and Law Enforcement from across the country gathered at the Sands Expo in January to experience the newest cutting edge gear that supports our soldiers and officers in the field.


Through countless hours of scientific research, DFNDR has developed lightweight next generation body armor technology for military, law enforcement, and civilians. To combat the modern day threats facing our nation today, DFNDR Armor produces the highest quality of body armor plates available on the market (note: a ‘rifle plate’, is inserted into a tactical ‘carrier’; a carrier is used to hold armor, ammunition, weapons, and medical supplies). A breakthrough in research and development allows DFNDR to significantly reduce trauma caused to the body from the force of an impact; which will increase the survivability for our soldiers and police.


“We have one goal in mind, to keep you protected with complete confidence. Our intimate knowledge of ballistic composites gives us a distinct advantage in developing next generation armor protection.” – Dave Fernandez, DFNDR Armor – CEO & Founder



DFNDR’s newest product is the ‘Level III+ Rifle Plate’ which stops AK47 rounds; the 7.62x39mm MSC Russian & Chinese, as well as the 7.62x51mm NATO M80, and the 5.56x45mm M193. DFNDR also manufactures ballistic shields and panels for police departments and corporate headquarters throughout the country. All of our component materials are made in the United States, and are developed with the most advanced manufacturing technology available in the world.



DFNDR exclusively uses Honeywell material in research and development of next generation body armor technology for the U.S. military; leveraging one of the strongest synthetic materials ever created, an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber-based composite. Our technology is the result of years of experience designing and manufacturing hundreds of thousands of cutting-edge body armor units for the US Military.




About DFNDR Armor

Website: DFNDRArmor.com

Phone: 888-206-1301

Location: Camarillo, CA 93012

Our mission is to engineer the most advanced lightweight body armor systems in the world. Exceeding industry standards is a key focus of ours, giving you confidence when you need it most. Increasing the survivability of our soldiers and law enforcement, is the driving factor behind our research and development.


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DFNDR Armor is NIJ Certified

DFNDR Armor Level III+ Rifle Plates is NIJ Certified. 

It’s important to make sure that any armor design, especially if it is going against your body is NIJ certified; because it is tested to specifications that are above and beyond what any person could imagine an armor plate could go through. 

That includes environmental testing, weather-ramoter testing, the plate is dropped to make sure if it impacts a hard surface it doesn’t get damaged. Its dunked in water to make it will work if it is exposed to that type of element. 

It’s of course then tested to make sure it not only stops the threat but that the trauma is within certain tolerances, that your body and take the shot. A lot of armor systems are not NIJ certified, it’s important that you thoroughly understand the body armor system you are purchasing. For example, level IIIA plates and variants such as level III+ or level III++ are all independently certified because NIJ does not offer a certification for these.  

Developing DFNDR Armor:

A lot of development went into this plate. Even though DFNDR Armor is tested to NIJ standards, we go above and beyond to make sure we not only meet NIJ specifications but that we exceed NIJ specs.

For example, the maximum trauma that the NIJ certifies to is 44mm. DFNDR armor plate against a 7.62x51mm M80 was tested with results of under 30mm average for back deformation to the body.  This reduction is significant and the lightest weight system in the industry with that low of a trauma to the body. 

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FibrCor Technology using Honeywell Composites

FibrCor Technology is comprised of three main aspects:
1. Material
2. Process
3. Integration

The type of performance that DFNDR Armor has is next generation armor that has never been seen before. Starting off with the material; we use the most advanced ballistics composites in the world. Working with Honeywell Composites gives us a distinctive advantage to making the highest performance body armor plates you’ll ever wear. The core of DFNDR Armor is made with an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber-based composite. That includes millions of strands of Fiber bonded together with a resin matrix.

Next is the process, which a huge factor that makes DFNDR Armor so great. We meticulously monitor every single one of our processes to ensure that every single armor piece is made exactly same way. That is very important to ensure consistent test results in every DNFDR Armor plate.

It’s not just about the ballistic material, but also about the non-ballistic ancillary materials that support the entire system altogether. The whole system working synergistically with the complete integration is what makes DFNDR Armor the best available.

Visit www.DFNDRarmor.com to learn more.

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How DFNDR Reduces Trauma to Your Body

Reducing Trauma to Your Body Could Save Your Life. Watch how we test to measure for trauma.
When is comes to body armor penetration is not the only thing that you have to worry about. The actually impact and the trauma to the body from the focus of impact, can cause server injury or even death. Thats why DFNDR Armor is not just designed to stop the threat, because that isn’t good enough. You have to make sure that when the bullet hits the armor the Trauma, or the back face deformation that the bullet creates to the body is significantly reduced.
Our technology disperses the energy away from your body in two ways.
1 – FibrCor Technology: when the bullet impacts the armor, the energy is distributed lateral over the plate.
2 – The Reactive Foam: when the bullet hits the armor, instead of the energy going toward the body and creating trauma; the advanced reactive foam moves the energy away from your body.
*How is testing simulated to measure trauma to the human body?*
The most accurate way to test for trauma is to test against a specialized clay to simulate the human body. The clay is a non utoneian fluid, a roma pasta lena number one clay. It is the most highly sophisticated way to test body armor.
Its extremely important that the clay is prepped and tested carefully.
We control the temperature of the clay to simulate the temperature of the human body; we do this with two thermal probes, creating a hysteresis so its conditioned for several hours before we test with is.
DFNDR Armor has a double curve to it, making it the most aeronautic armor you’ll ever wear. Thats why we use a curved clay template against the clay block, to make sure we accurately measure back face deformation. To ensure that the clay is calibrated we’ll make three indentations to MIL spec. After we make our three drops, we’ll use our bridge calibrator to measure the indentation – we have measuring in at 24 mm.
The reason why reducing trauma is going to change the way the industry looks at armor. It because, other armor designs are mainly tested against penetration, and a very old spec against reducing trauma. But what we did is take it above and beyond to make sure that our plate has a much lower trauma then any other system out there.
We offer our body armor products to civilians, law enforcement and the military.
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