January 2016

About Our Company & History

Dave Fernandez, CEO and Founder of DFNDR Armor has been developing armor for over a decade; for the US military and lightweight armor systems to protect our soldiers. “And I want to bring that technology, development, history, and experience to individuals like you that want to protect yourself from threats out there”.

DNFDR Armor is designed for today’s modern threats. In situations today with terrorism it is not just handgun threats that we need to be concerned with, it’s also rifle threats that we need to be prepared from.


Watch the Youtube video about DFNDR Armor and our company history by clicking here.


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Body Armor engineered with Distinct Quality

Above and beyond our number one priority at DFNDR Armor is absolute quality in our products. Everything in terms of how DFNDR Armor is developed has be done in house. Not only the actually manufacturing the product, but our design and testing is completed at our facilities.

We have our own private ballistic lab where we test our armor to standards above and beyond NIJ standards.

Body Armor Testing

We are testing the DFNDR Level III+ Hard Body Armor Plate.

For accurate firing, we’re using a universal receiver, and for these shot’s we’ll be using our 7.62x39mm barrel.

To accurately measure velocity we are using our Oehler model 57 Screens.

These are the screens that are used at any NIJ testing lab and also military labs. Our chronographs work with our inferred screens to measure feet per second.

To ensure that we hit our target precisely, we have our laser pointed down range through the barrel to hit our target exactly where we need to test the armor.

We’ll be testing the 7.62x39mm MSC Russian.

We’re going to load the bullet in the barrel. Screw on our universal receiver.


Backface deformation is 17.6mm. Negligible. Obviously there is not penetration because we know that we can stop the 7.62x39mm MSC Russian. We have fired thousands of rounds to ensure that every single product is performing constantly every single time.

DFDNR Armor Level III+ Plate is the ultimate body armor protection available. It stops level III threats, 7.62x39mm MSC Chinese and the Russian. It also stops, the 5.56x45mm M193.

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Level III+ Plate stops these threats…

This video is about the threat that our plate is tested too, and the special threats that our DFNDR Armor Level III+ rifle plate is tested and certified to by the NIJ.

DFNDR Armor Level III+ Hard Body Armor Rifle Plate plates stops the following threats.

  • 7.62×51 mm M80 Threat.
  • 7.62×39mm MSC Russian
  • 7.62×39mm MSC Chinese
  • 5.56x45mm M193

The reason why the 55.6x45mm M193 threat is so devastating. Its actually smaller, lighter weight, but travelers at a much higher velocity. The muzzle velocity of the 55.6x45mm M193 is anywhere from 3150 to 3200 feet per second. Its extremely fast, much faster then the 7.62×51mm M80.

This is what every single level III armor system stops. The 7.62×51mm M80.

Its a steel jacket lead core bullet. Very devastating. it travels fast. It has a high impact of energy, creates a lot of deformation, and trauma tot he body.

DFNDR armor stops the 7.62×51mm M80.

This is the 7.62×39mm MSC Chinese Threat. The reason this is so devastating is because it has a steel core in it. As opposed to most other threats that are lead core. The 7.62×39mm MSC Chinese would have much more penetrative capability that the 7.62×51mm M80.

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DFNDR vs. Steel Armor

Curious about the difference between wearing DFNDR Armor vs. steel armor.

Our medium size is very lightweight starting at only 2.2 lbs for our Level III+ small size. It makes the perfect marriage of being lightweight, stoping the threat, and reducing the trauma to the body; and reducing trauma is just as important as stopping the penetration.

What is it like wearing DFNDR Armor plate? When you are wearing the armor you aren’t going to barely feel it. Your going to have more agility, you’ll have more endurance. When your impacted by a threat, you’ll be able to take a hit and respond.

When we designed DFNDR armor we wanted to make sure that it would stop the bullet, and have every other aspect of a armor system that someone would want to wear, and that you would feel confident.

STEEL Armor vs. DFNDR Armor

The difference between steel armor and DFNDR Armor is not just the weight.

But also there are other consciences if you are shot with a steel plate vs. DFNDR Armor. Such as trapping the bullet in the armor, and making sure that the bullet isn’t deflected in a direction that could injury you or someone that is working with you in a high threat situation.


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